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This is the only dentist office that has ever made me feel relaxed. My very first experience at this office was like a dream. It was unreal how I was treated like royalty. I remember thinking this was too good to be true. Everyone was smiling and genuine. Dr. K was sincere, knowledgeable, and listened with concern. The process was smooth and pain-free.

Marchaan F.

What are veneers?

A veneer is a thin layer of porcelain or composite material that is customized to fit over your tooth, concealing imperfections, discoloration, cracks or gaps. In Dr. Victor's skillful hands, the veneers blend seamlessly with your smile for a natural-looking result you will love.

What are the different types of veneers?

  • Porcelain veneers: Our West Hollywood porcelain dental veneers very closely resemble your natural tooth enamel, making them the ideal choice for cosmetic enhancement. They are more costly than other options, but they last the longest and look the most organic.
  • Composite veneers: Composite veneers are made with resin, similar to the type used for dental fillings. While composite veneers are less costly, they don’t last as long and do not appear as natural as their porcelain counterpoints.

What is the difference between dental veneers and crowns?

A crown is typically used to cover the entire surface of a tooth that is unappealing in its appearance or lacks structural integrity. A veneer on the other hand, covers mainly the front of the tooth for cosmetic enhancement. Dr. Victor can help to determine whether a crown or a veneer will be the best solution for your concerns during your confidential Beverly Hills consultation.

Is it painful to get veneers?

Dr. Victor prides himself on creating the most comfortable, relaxing and pain-free environment possible for your cosmetic dental veneer treatment in Beverly Hills. We use local anesthesia to numb the treatment areas, so you will not experience any discomfort.

Will my teeth look natural?

Dr. Victor takes an impression of your teeth and then creates custom veneers that are perfectly fitted to your dental anatomy. This ensures a natural fit that feels comfortable and doesn’t interfere with the functioning of your teeth. He will use a shade guide to select just the right color for you, providing a highly organic-looking result.

How long will my veneers last?

Our Beverly Hills porcelain veneers will last anywhere from 10 to 15 years with proper care and attention, as well as follow-up visits to our West Hollywood offices. Veneers can be flossed and brushed just like your own teeth. You should take care not to chip them on hard foods. We will offer you many additional tips that will help extend the longevity of your beautiful new smile.

How are my veneers made?

The process of creating veneers takes several visits, usually two weeks apart. The teeth are first prepared and fitted, and then the dental impressions are sent to Beverly Hills Dental Laboratory, a high-end facility that uses world class technology to create elite restorations, including unparalleled porcelain veneers. While you await your permanent veneers, Dr. Victor will provide you with temporary veneers so you can get used to wearing them.

What can I expect during my Beverly Hills porcelain dental veneers consultation?

During your consultation, Dr. Victor will examine your teeth to ensure you are a good candidate for cosmetic dental veneers in Beverly Hills. Any gum disease, oral health concerns or decay must be addressed prior to undergoing your veneer procedure. Dr. Victor will then discuss your goals for improvement, listening carefully to what you want to achieve aesthetically and what you are most unhappy with when it comes to your smile. In some cases, you may receive a digital image of how your teeth will change with veneers, which can help you to preview your results before your actual session. Dr. Victor will then answer any outstanding questions, and get your first appointment on the books.

Why choose Dr. Victor for cosmetic dental veneers in West Hollywood?

A visit to Sunset Dental Studio is more on par with an excursion to a boutique luxury spa than a visit to a dentist’s office. This is thanks to the speed and comfort of Dr. Victor's consummate skill, and his introduction of innovative, cutting edge technology that streamlines the dental process. Each client receives personalized attention to ensure results that reflect their wishes and exceed their expectations.

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