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Unlike traditional veneers, dental Lumineers use a non-invasive process that allows the teeth to remain in their natural state when applying a thin layer of porcelain to enhance aesthetics. Dr. Khatchaturian is excited to offer this option to his busy Beverly Hills clients who are seeking pain-free cosmetic improvement and a winning smile.

What are Lumineer veneers?

Traditional porcelain veneers require the tooth to be “prepped” by shaving away a substantial amount of tooth enamel, and the process cannot be reversed. Lumineers by Cerinate have taken cosmetic dentistry to the next level – the procedure is reversible, and there is no need to grind or shave the teeth. This is because Lumineers are about as thin as a contact lens, or roughly half the thickness of veneers. Although they are thin, Lumineers are incredibly strong and have been proven to last for over 20 years.

Lumuneer teeth on a dark counter with dental instruments around them.

What are the advantages of Lumineers?

Among the benefits of Lumineers is their versatility. They are used to remedy a number of cosmetic dental needs, including:

  • Stains and discoloration
  • Misaligned teeth
  • Chipped teeth
  • Old crowns or bridgework

What can I expect from my treatment?

Lumineers offer a quick and painless way to permanently enhance your smile. In just two visits to your dentist, you can have a whiter, healthier, natural-looking smile. During the first appointment, Dr. Khatchaturian will take a mold of your teeth, and together you will choose the desired shade of your Lumineer veneers. On the second visit, the doctor will place your Lumineers by bonding them to your existing teeth with a special curing light. That is it! The results will speak for themselves.

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Who is a good candidate for Lumineers?

If you are in the Beverly Hills area and wish to enhance your smile, correcting imperfections and flaws but don’t wish to cause any damage to your teeth or spend too much time at the office, no-prep Lumineer veneers may be a great option for you.

Patients should possess the following qualities

Free of tooth decay

The teeth must be healthy and free from cavities before they can support a cosmetic veneer. Our office will examine your teeth to determine if you are a good candidate.

Bite alignment

Because Lumineers are strictly a cosmetic treatment, they cannot address an overbite or underbite, which may require conventional braces.

Free from tooth grinding

If you suffer from tooth grinding (bruxism), this activity can drastically shorten the longevity of your Lumineers and should be addressed prior to cosmetic treatments.

Why choose Dr. Khatchaturian in West Hollywood for your dental Lumineers?

Whether you are unhappy with the color of your teeth, or you wish you could fix the cracks or gaps that make you feel embarrassed about your smile, Dr. Khatchaturian in Beverly Hills is passionate about giving you back your confidence and quality of life through cutting edge dental care and strategic enhancement with Lumineer veneers. Dr. Khatchaturian offers a luxury boutique setting in which personalized attention, convenience, comfort and excellence are ubiquitous. 

Do you live in or around West Hollywood? Call today to schedule a consultation and transform your smile!

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